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  • 1951 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
  • 1949 Cadi
  • 1935 Chevrolet
  • 1940 Packard
  • 1965 Lincoln
  • 1966 Fairlane
  • 1934 Ford
  • 1961 Buick Wagon
  • 1956 Jaguar Convertible
  • 1932 Ford
  • 1952 MG
  • 1956 Austin Healey
  • 1957 Mariner
  • 1970 Bronco
  • 1930 Rat Rod
  • 1929 Chevy
  • Mercedes S550
  • 1970 C10
  • 1952 Willis Jeep
  • 1951 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith

    The Silver Wraith was the flagship of Rolls Royce for years. The preferred car of British Royalty and Nobles, it’s iconic design is recognized all over the world. This beautiful example is no exception to the rule. Its Stone White exterior and original tan leather interior are the epitome of elegance. This iconic wedding car will allow you to ride is style like the queen.

    Rollsv2 1
    Rollsv2 2
    Rollsv2 3
    Rollsv2 4
    Rollsv2 5
    Rollsv2 6
    Rollsv2 7
    Rollsv2 8
    Rollsv2 9
  • 1949 Cadi

    The 1949 Cadillac convertible is our most popular choice among vintage wedding cars. Designed by the renowned Harley Earl, it is iconic for its classic elegance. It is trimmed with burgundy paint with plush ivory leather interior. Cruise in style with the top up or down and enjoy the heat/air conditioning. This beautiful vehicle makes the perfect wedding getaway car but it also may be perfect for any occasion.

    49 Cadillac 1
    49 Cadillac 8
    49 Cadillac 6
    49 Cadillac 10
    49 Cadillac 7
    49 Cadillac 9
    49 Cadillac 4
    Cadi Night
  • 1935 Chevrolet

    The 1935 Chevrolet master sedan is a classic “Bonnie and Clyde” era car. It’s 4 doors allow easy access to the cavernous back seat. This one has all the convenience features of a modern car. Ride in style and comfort with heat/ air conditioning in any weather. It is excellent for longer distances.

    40 Packard 5
    40 Packard 6
    40 Packard 4
    40 Packard 1
    40 Packard 2
    40 Packard 3
    35 Chevy At Wedding
    35 Chevy At Church
  • 1940 Packard

    The 1940 Packard was the gold standard of American automobiles of its day. This John D Rockefeller era car was the epitome of luxury at its time. Trimmed in black cherry paint with a beautiful tan interior it rivals the most luxurious cars of today. Equipped with heat/air conditioning you will enjoy your “get away” in grandeur.

    40 Packard 1
    40 Packard 2
    40 Packardv2 3
    40 Packardv2 4
    40 Packardv2 5
    40 Packardv2 6
    Packard Interior 2
    Packard Interior 1
  • 1965 Lincoln

    The Lincoln Continental Convertibles were used as a presidential limo in the 1960’s. Known for their comfort and technology; it was way ahead of its time with features like automatic climate control air conditioning.  It is still one of the largest 4 door convertibles ever built with a top that is fully hidden away in the trunk. This black on black beauty has opposing doors that not only made it aesthetically pleasing but also allows for easy entry. You will feel like you are riding on a cloud as you depart the reception.

    Lincoln Redo 4
    Lincoln Redo 1
    Lincoln Redo 2
    Lincoln Redo 3
    Lincoln Redo 5
    Lincoln Redo 6
    Lincoln Redo 7
    Lincoln Redo 8
    Lincoln Redo 9
  • 1966 Fairlane

    The 1966 Fairlane turns heads everywhere is goes. Named after Henry Ford’s family estate, it displays classic 60’s styling. The red paint with black interior looks and good with the top up as it does down. The large back seat provides plenty of room to ride in comfort.

    66 Fairlane 3
    66 Fairlane 1
    66 Fairlane 4
    66 Fairlane 5
    66 Fairlane 6
    66 Fairlane 2
    66 Fairlane 7
  • 1934 Ford

    The 1934 Ford 2 door sedan is often described as having one the “most elegant” front grills ever designed. This all original car is no exception. As you relax in the plush seats you feel as though you have been transferred back in time. It is a unique experience you will never forget.

    34 Ford 4
    34 Ford 1
    34 Ford 3
    34 Ford 2
    34 Ford 5
    34 Ford 6
    34 Ford 7
    34 Ford 8
    34 Ford 9
  • 1961 Buick Wagon

    The 1961 Buick LeSabe wagon was is a timeless design. With its 2 tone red and white exterior and interior this one does not not disappoint. It’s classic “tuck and roll” seats are comfortable and roomy. It hosts a late model engine with front and rear air conditioning. This car will put a smile on your face as it transports you back in time.

    61 Buik Wagon 4
    61 Buik Wagon 3
    61 Buik Wagon 2
    61 Buik Wagon 5
    61 Buik Wagon 1
    61 Buik Wagon 7
    61 Buik Wagon 6
  • 1956 Jaguar Convertible

    The 1956 Jaguar XK140 was the pentacle of sports car design. With its sweeping lines and contours, it is the epitome of rolling art. At a time when American designed cars were “large and square” this beauty stood out and it still does. With Classic red paint with red interior, if you are looking for an antique car that looks fantastic in wedding, Christmas or special event photos, this is your girl.

    56 Jag 1
    56 Jag 2
    56 Jag 3
    56 Jag 4
    56 Jag 5
    56 Jag 6
    56 Jag 7
  • 1932 Ford

    The 1932 Ford 5 window coupe is a staple among collectors. Known for its sweeping curves, large headlights and chrome, it shows well at any angle. With dark pearl paint and ivory interior, it glistens in the sun as well as the lights at night. It is an excellent choice for photos.

    32 Ford 1
    32 Ford 2
    32 Ford 4
    32 Ford 3
    32 Ford 5
  • 1952 MG

    The 1952 MDTD always brings a smile to those who see it as it bring back a design from the 1930’s. It is trimmed with a Vanilla Shake exterior and classic black interior. It may be small in stature but it is large in character. She loves to have her picture taken.

    52 Mg 1
    52 Mg 2
    52 Mg 3
    52 Mg 4
    52 Mg 5
    52 Mg 6
  • 1956 Austin Healey

    The 1956 Austin Healey 100/4 is famous for its rearward sloped windshield and is the only Healey to have this feature. It gives the illusion of going fast while it is sitting still. The pewter paint with white piped black interior is a traditional sports car image. It has been discerned as a “happy” car.

    56 Ah 1
    56 Ah 2
    56 Ah 3
    56 Ah 4
    56 Ah 5
    56 Ah 6
    56 Ah 7
  • 1957 Mariner

    The 1957 Mariner V-drive “Woody” has recently undergone a complete restoration. It’s cherry and mahogany exterior is complemented with a burgundy leather interior. Weddings on the water are cherished for their beauty. A wooden boat can provide the exclamation point to the Perfect Getaway from your event.

    IMG 1912
    IMG 1913
    IMG 1914
    IMG 1919
    IMG 1915
    IMG 1918
    IMG 1916
    IMG 1917
    IMG 1920
    IMG 1921
  • 1970 Bronco

    The 1970 Bronco is easily recognizable for its “square” design. They continue to grow in popularity year after year. If a 4×4 is you dream car, this orange and camel version will certainly fit the bill. This V8, air conditioned truck is a stand out.

    70 Bronco 1
    70 Bronco 2
    70 Bronco 3
    70 Bronco 4
    70 Bronco 5
    70 Bronco 6
    70 Bronco 7
  • 1930 Rat Rod

    This “Rat Rod” started it life as a 1930 Ford 2 door sedan. It was custom built to pay tribute to a WWII bomber. It has bomber style seats, a gun site on the radiator, aviation instruments, a shifter from a fighter and vintage hemi engine. The car was featured on the cover of Rebel Rod Magazine. If you are looking for a unique photo op, this certainly may fit the bill.

    30 Rat Rod 1
    30 Rat Rod 2
    30 Rat Rod 3
    30 Rat Rod 4
    30 Rat Rod 5
    30 Rat Rod 6
    30 Rat Rod 7
    30 Rat Rod 8
    30 Rat Rod 9
    30 Rat Rod 10
  • 1929 Chevy

    The 1929 Chevy International 2 door sedan was considered way ahead of its time. With its iconic steel wheels, 6 cylinder engine and roll down rear windows, it was the gold standard of its class of cars. This all-original version will transport you back to the “roaring 20’s” as you cruise away. 

    29 Chevy 6
    29 Chevy 5
    29 Chevy 2
    29 Chevy 3
    29 Chevy 1
    29 Chevy 4
    29 Chevy 7
    29 Chevy 8
    29 Chevy 9
  • Mercedes S550

    The S550 is Mercedes flagship for luxury. If you’re looking for a traditional sedan, then this Black with Ivory interior beauty may be for you. With its air-ride suspension, heavy glass windows and soundproofing you will feel like your alone on the road. Some cars will never go out of style.

    Benz S550 9
    Benz S550 8
    Benz S550 2
    Benz S550 1
    Benz S550 4
    Benz S550 7
  • 1970 C10

    Sometimes nothing but a pickup will do. This classic green C10 body style catches eyes when it goes by. It sports a gray interior with a bench seat. The white wall tires finish the look and look great in pictures.

    70 C10
  • 1952 Willis Jeep

    When nothing else will do, go Old School. This Jeep is a flash form the past. No frills of road fun. If you’re looking for something unique this may be an option but don’t plan to get there fast. They were built to go anywhere except the interstate. Just getting in it makes you smile!!

    1952 Willis 3
    1952 Willis 5
    1952 Willis 4
    1952 Willis 2
    1952 Willis 1
    1952 Willis 6

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